2014-2015 Troop Newsletter / Calendar

Welcome back to the 2014 -2015 Scouting Year.

I hope all of you had a great summer. Fall newsletter is attached that describes all the details of what will be going on this year.

1) First Meeting of the 2014 – 2015 School year will be held Tuesday, Sept 9 at Jay Cee Park Pavilion (Hill is not available due to curriculum night)

The remaining Troop meetings will be held at Hill Elementary School in Troy.

2) The election for Senior Patrol Leader WILL BE HELD ON – TUESDAY, SEPT. 9 at the troop meeting. The following qualifications MUST be met for anyone running for the Senior Patrol Leader’s office:

 - Star or better in rank (if you are 1st Class, waiting for your BOR, you are eligible)
 - Maintain "better than average" attendance at all troop functions
 - Has read the Junior Leader Handbook and is prepared to accept all the duties and responsibilities of the office
 - Maintain a "C" or better average in school
 - Have the permission of the Scoutmaster
 - MUST attend a Troop JLT training session on Sept 20th.

All candidates for the job of Senior Patrol Leader are to contact Mr. Gustafson BEFORE August 29th.

BE PREPARED to personally meet with him for about 1 hour, to discuss with him your views, goals, choice of ASPL’s and expectations of the troop this year. BE PREPARED to discuss how you will perform your duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Junior Leader Handbook. Also, each candidate must be prepared at the Sept. 9th meeting to say to the Scouts in the troop WHY he feels qualified to be elected to the highest position of responsibility in the troop. This speech is not to be more than 2 minutes in length. Yes, this is YOUR campaign speech to the Troop. If you have any questions, give Mr. G a call.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. G.

2014-2015 Newsletter-Sept web


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