Believe It or Not!

WOW…. July is almost over… one month left for summer fun..

1) 2014 Sumer Camp is over. We had a FANTASTIC time!!!! Watch for the newsletter coming out in the next few weeks from Mr G.

2) Although I do not control the local businesses…. The “back to school” stuff is here.

For those who are willing… keep your eye on the paper folders WITH the middle prongs. We need about 70 of them each year for summer camp. Yes, this is the time we purchase them.
I am NOT asking all to purchase 70… if you see some cheep, pick up as many as u wish to donate… any color is OK.. just make sure they have pockets and middle prongs.

For those going to Philmont next year, I must have your initial deposit of $200 in NOW… because the next payment is due Sept 1. Please… I do not wish to cancel this trip… back in March, we had enough people to fill the crew. In fact I have more adults wanting to go than scouts. PLEASE do not put this off. If I do not get a full crew by August 22, I will cancel our slot. We have waited 5 years for a slot, we have one now… PLEASE do not put this off. Scouts —– get your crew members to get going on this. Put the check in my door, and I will get it to Mr Kohl for tracking. I am counting on your commitment you made back in March to make this happen.

Mr j

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