D-A Haunted Forest Event

As you all know by now, we are participating in the annual D-A Haunted Forest event. This is our first time doing this and the Scouts are getting pretty excited about it. This will be our regular scheduled Oct outingweekend of oct 22. We leave Friday night and come back Sunday noon – 1pm… will decide better return time soon., the factor here is tear down Sunday morning.
This is a cabin outing with option to bring a tent.
Our troop is participating as Staff for this event.  we are making a haunted house out of our 2 dining flies.  the scouts will be dressing up as various scary figures and we scare the “participants”.  there are many activities
for the participants, including a scare free zone if they so wish.
We are NOT requiring anyone to run out and purchase a costume.  face paint and other makeup is totally acceptable with old clothes from mom or dad or uncle or aunt.  We will be building this structure Saturday — the event starts at 6:30pm Saturday night. Please see attached file for our design.
start looking at what you have in your “stash”…..
let us know what you can do.
I am trying to do inventory of my stuff this weekend.
In the layout, we will have 4 segments in the dining fly. Maybe have 1 adult per “room” as lead to get it built up and operational, including responsibility to put supply list together and gather those needs and assign scouts to work each room.
What we need to work on is equipment and supplies…..  THIS IS ESTIMATE…..
  • 8′ x 500′ black plastic sheeting (4mil to 6mil)
  • Generator (gas & sound barrier)
  • 4 to 6 extension cords
  • 1 roll black duct tape
  • 400-500′ of dark rope
  • 2-3 smoke machines
  • 2-3 strobe lights
  • 2 CD players w/ 4 speakers
  • 2 scary sound CD’s
  • 4-6 clamp style work lights for incandescent bulbs
  • 6 colored incandescent bulbs (red, green or purple)
  • 2-4 black light fixtures
  • Box of black wire ties
  • Crossover bridge
  • fluorescent paint
As many spooky decorations as can be collected
mr j

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