is being turned off March 1, 2011

ATTENTION: is being shut off

I learned thru Roundtable last week that the BSA is shutting down the on-line Scoutnet system.  The system is failing and they are in-process of replacing it.

What does this mean to you????  This effects   this area is being shutdown….  SOOOO.. if you have taken ANY on-line training courses, I highly recommend you go into the system, and make sure you have printed off all your certificates.

Also.. if your YPT certificate expires in the next 9 months I HIGHLY encourage you to take the refresher course and get –recertified.   Council has not made any provisions for YOT training outside of the on-line system

This shutdown starts MARCH 1 … yes in one week,,,  I am just the messenger here..  you have as much lead time as I do.


Bob j

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