To: Scouts Attending Summer Camp and Their Parents

From: Mr. J., D-A Large

PLEASE READ – important info about camp follows!!!!!!

Summer camp is less than 1 DAY away and this is just a little reminder letter to Be Prepared for camp.

Remember to bring your Scout Handbook!!! You will need it for reference and to get requirements signed-off.

Practice setting up your tent at home with your tent partner before you get to camp.

Each Scout’s medical form will be reviewed by a parent or guardian when the scout arrives tomorrow. If you are car-pooling, make sure that an adult in the vehicle has the authority to speak for you AND sign in your parent’s place.

FYI… if you mail a letter to your son after camp starts, experience has shown us he will NOT receive it until after camp is over. As odd as it sounds, I suggest writing letters and mailing now; the address is in your Scout’s summer camp book.

MB Pre-Requisites:
Read the pre-requisites that were listed in your Summer Camp Folder for the merit badges (MB) you selected! Then, make sure to do them BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT CAMP

ALL waterfront MB’s: Bring long sleeved, button shirt, long pants, belt and shoes for clothes inflation requirements.

Shot Gun and Rifle: You must know the local laws and have the written requirements completed. NOT recommended for first year campers.

Woodcarving and Basketry: You can (if you wish) have your whittling, carving and weaving projects done at home, before coming to camp. Just bring the finished items to camp so your counselor can see them. Remember to check your information folder for cost of craft kits.
Note: for those who need Tot’n Chip card, a class will be held at camp.

The CPR requirement: For all waterfront MB’s the CPR requirement will be done at camp

All written work for MB’s must be completed in ink or printed by a computer.

GET the MB book. There you will find many detailed answers. Andrew Looka has the troop library. If we don’t have a book on your MB, get one at one of the council shops and consider donating it to the troop library when you are done. The copies in the Troy library should not be used. They are always far too out of date.

Remember to bring your mess kit
Remember, no refrigeration is available at camp s0… if you bring snacks, bring a cooler to keep food away from the “critters”.
Remember your WATER BOTTLE and swamp shoes. Closed toed shoes are required at all times in camp. Remember one pair of long pants; you will need them for conservation project and horse riding. If you are participating in “Duct Tape” event, bring a roll of duct tape.

Arrive in FULL – Class “A” uniform… it will be inspected first thing when you arrive. Come directly to Riverside campsite. Do NOT go to the Martin Building. Do NOT go to Jack Lord Building.. Do NOT Pass GO. Come to Riverside to check in.

Check your equipment list — then check it again….

Finally, please do not arrive before 2:30pm on Saturday. Many things happen at the site before you arrive and we need the time to prepare. Eat lunch BEFORE arriving to camp.

We have camp med-checks at 5pm…. A lot to do the first day……

You will get out of camp as many rewards as you prepare yourself for. If you don’t do the upfront work, do not expect to get the backend rewards.

The Leaders will Be Prepared to get the maximum out of camp…. WILL YOU????

See you on tomorrow at Riverside!
Questions??? Cal me 248-828-3870


Mr. J.,

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