Troop 1705 Reminders

Beginning Tuesday, Sep. 17th, our next troop meeting

Hill Elementary School
4600 Forsyth, Troy, MI

Meeting will begin @ 7:00 pm
Meeting will end @ 8:30 pm, (15 later than last year)

**Beginning Tuesday, Sep. 17th, our next troop meeting**

New rules for new location

1) Enter the building, through the front door only, no sooner than 6:45 and exit the building, through the front door only, no later than 8:45.

2) Use only the Cafeteria, which is straight ahead once you enter and then to the left: Scouts and adults will only use the cafeteria per our request, and nearest bathroom to cafeteria if need be, but not anywhere else in the building and no wandering the hall.

3) Scouts are to be supervised by adults at all times including entering and existing the building from the front door only.

4) We are to leave the cafeteria as we found it: table to correct places, floor swept, garbage, no interfering with Care Co. items.

5) We need to do a better job of following the ideals of scouting to be good citizens, “On their Honor and to do their best…” or we will lose our privilege to meet at Hill School.

Campout Information
(Also attached is permission slip for Campout)

When: Sept 20-21, 2013
Where: Rendezvous Camporee

See below attachments for detail.

2013-Rendez-Vous-Program Information 2013-Sept-PERMISSION SLIP

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