Troop Update: Philmont / Charcoal

1) PhilmontPhilmont_Scout_Ranch_bull

– next Tuesday, (during the troop meeting) I will be presenting a short video and presentation on Philmont. As you know, we have a slot available for 2015. The detailed information has already been sent home via filers earlier this month — BUT – it is attached again for your reference. We MUST give a deposit very soon in order to keep our slot. Signing up for this adventure must not be taken lightly. Training hikes and a shakedown weekend is required. Commitment to this MUST be given EQUAL priority in the Scout’s life. There is no compromise to the commitment and training required. That said, this is an experience that will never be forgotten. Hiking and doing activities in the Rocky Mountains is an unequalled opportunity. I have been 4 times to Philmont and it is truly “Scouting’s Paradise”.

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2) Charcoal…..

Our supply that we have had for the last 2 years is running low. IF anyone wishes to donate some bags, this is the week it is on sale. Just drop off on my front porch (no need to ring the bell) or bring to Tuesday troop meetings.

As you know, we use charcoal for our troop outings. We do not use propane in general for the patrols. It is this type of donation that keeps our costs down and our scouts cooking thru the year.


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