Wass Subdivision Easter Egg Hunt

In case you did not hear OR the info got scrambled……

Each year, we help the Wass subdivision with their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The event is:
– when —  this Saturday
– time —  9:30-11am
– where — Cliffside Park

what we do is…  arrive about 9:30am Saturday.. clean up the park, rope off various areas for the kids…  the whistle blows at 10:30am…  the “hunt” is over in about 3 minutes…..  then we take down the ropes….  Clean up and leave.

If any scout wishes to help, great….  Be at Cliffside Park at 9:30am Saturday.  The entrance is on Cliffside between Rutgers and Highbury.  See attached map for those unfamiliar with the area.

Scouts are to be in class “B” uniform for this event.  This also counts as service time if needed.

If anyone is coming to help, send me a reply so i know.
Thanks much
Mr j

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