Update: Covenant Hills Troop Outing forms due at tomorrow’s meeting!

All scouts: If you are planning on going to the Covenant Hills Troop Outing this weekend and haven’t turned in your forms yet, print out these forms (the permission slip and release form) and bring $20 CASH to tomorrow’s meeting! It will be a cabin outing and the theme is Indoor Sports. For those of you who have already turned in your forms, see you at Hill Elementary at 5:45pm this Friday!

2016-FEB-Covenant Hills-Perm-Slip

Release form

Tutorial: How to Navigate the Troop Website

Welcome to the Troop 1705 Website!

Here you will find links and resources, the troop calendar, blog posts and updates, and more. Having been inactive for a while, the website will be updated regularly from now on, so here is a quick post outlining some of the features of the website for those who are just joining us!


Home Page

When you first go to the Troop website, you will find the home page. Here is where the troop updates, blog posts, and other activity will be posted. Check back every week for new information! The website will be updated every weekend, the Monday before the meeting at the latest.


The first link in the navigation bar in the top right area of the home page is the Calendar page. Clicking it will take you to the Troop Calendar which has been updated to include all events until the summer of 2016. You can click the event for more details, and they will usually be updated as the event approaches.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about any aspects of the website or the Troop, head on over to the Contact Us page on the navigation bar! Here you can find contact information for the Scoutmaster as well as a contact form which you can use to directly send your message to him.


The next page is the Downloads page. Here you can find many downloadable resources like program files, the Scout is Hungry cookbook, Outing documents, How-To’s, and more!

Links and Resources

Next to Downloads is the Links and Resources pages. Hover over the text to see links to both the Links and Resources page where you can find links to Troop related websites containing information about things like our council, Order of the Arrow, Scouting skills, Boy Scout approved gear and more, and the Eagle Scout Resources page which contains helpful resources for aspiring Eagle Scouts like the Workbook, Palm and Rank application, and more.


Finally, the last link in the navigation bar is the Gallery. Hover over the button to see links to galleries of pictures from the many years of the Troop’s history. Pages will be added to include pictures from recent years, so check back often to see them all!


If you have any questions or comments about the website, feel free to leave a comment or contact the Scoutmaster at the Contact Us page above. Check back every week for new content!

-Troop 1705 Webmaster






Troop 1705 Outing: Camp Rotary

Here is the Troop Scribe’s take on the weekend adventure at Camp Rotary:

“Saturday morning, after we ate breakfast, we went tubing. We were there for two hours. The weather was perfect and the opened up all four tubing hills, which was awesome because they didn’t last year. When we got back everyone made lunch, then we went down to the lake and played hockey and curling on the lake. The lake was solid enough to go on so that was good. After that we all went inside for dinner and played cards games and socialized for the rest of the night. Sunday morning we packed up pretty fast and left for home.”

-Troop 1705 Scribe

The troop went to Camp Rotary in Clare, Michigan for a weekend of tubing and other winter sports in accordance with Winter Sports theme of the month.

Pictures from the outing:

We even have a video of a tubing run down the Screamer: