2014 Campership Process Released


The 2014 campership process has been released.

Access the link below === fill out the worksheet and give to MR G.

He will enter the form for you.

Although the deadline for council is April 1… please have your requests in no later than March 25 in order for Mr G to process your request.

Scouters of the Michigan Crossroads Council,

The 2014 Campership Process has been introduced.  April 1st is the deadline and it is an online process!!


Mr J

Happy New Year! / Troop Update


I hope you and your families have a healthy and enjoyable holiday season

Troop Calendar for Remainder of School year

Troop Calendar attached, double check you have the troop meetings and campouts on your home calendar

Campout Jan 24-26, D-A Klondike

Cabin camping but scouts will spend all day Saturday outside on the Klondike trail doing patrol activities

Permission slip attached, permissions slips and money are due Tuesday, Jan 21 at Troop meeting, no exceptions

Service Hours Opportunity/ Do a Good Turn Daily

The Larson PTO is having their annual Red Cross blood drive at the Larson Middle School, Troy, MI on Monday January 20th from 1:00 – 6:45.

The students have the day off due to the MLK Holiday.

The Red Cross is looking for 3 student volunteers to assist at the beginning of the blood drive from 12:45-3:00.

This would be a great service opportunity especially for those who need hours. We assume the duties will not be working with the blood but would be more administrative type help.

Yours in Scouting,

Mr. G

2013-2014-Calendar-11-06-2013 (1)

Fundraiser Truck: Unload and Pickup Info

What: Unload the trucks delivering wreathes and poinsettias
When: Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 — 5-6:00pm — (sign up sheet at tonight’s meeting)
Where: Wass School (YES — WASS School)
Task: unload trucks that are delivering wreathes and poinsettias for the fundraiser – then sort and stack by person/order
Note: for those helping, you can pick up your orders after sorting is completed.
Uniform: civilian

PICKUP Your Order:
When: Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 — 6-7:00pm
Where: Wass School (YES — WASS School)

REMEMBER: NO Troop Meeting, Tuesday, Nov 26 — use the time to deliver orders

ALL FUNDS DUE:  Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013

October 29th Troop Meeting / News

REMINDER for tomorrow night’s Troop meeting:

Troop Meeting on Tuesday, Oct 29 will be at Wass Elmentary, Troy, MI, 7 pm in the cafeteria (Hill not available this day)

Enter/exit the building through the front door only.

Address: Wass Elementary School, 2340 Willard Dr., Troy, MI 48085 (John R and Long Lake (18 Mile Road))



– Fundraiser booklets were distributed last night at the troop meeting, contact Mr. sharp if your scout did not pick one up, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

– Dates to remember

  • Orders due Tuesday, November 5, collect money from customers when product is delivered the week of Nov 25.
  • Pick up Product is MONDAY, November 25 at Wass School (distributer order combined with Wass PTO), NO troop meeting this week, and also this gives you time to deliver product before Thanksgiving.
  • Money from orders is due Tuesday, December 3


Campout Nov 1-3, D-A, Feast: Webelo Show & Do weekend

–          Permission slips and money due Tuesday, Oct 29, no exceptions.  Last campout there were numerous changes between the troop meeting and the campout, too much to manage.

–          We are in need of adults to help prepare the feast on Saturday, Nov 2, if you can help out during the day please let me know.


Oct Outing Permission Slip + updated calendar

For those that missed the meeting last night, attached is the permission slip for the outing.

Remember… you must sign up with perm slip and monies next Tuesday.

Drivers…. What adults are going on outing please?
Adults — If you cannot attend but willing to drive (since it is a short distance) let us know….

Also – updated calendar with outing locations.

Mr j



Troop 1705 Reminders

Beginning Tuesday, Sep. 17th, our next troop meeting

Hill Elementary School
4600 Forsyth, Troy, MI

Meeting will begin @ 7:00 pm
Meeting will end @ 8:30 pm, (15 later than last year)

**Beginning Tuesday, Sep. 17th, our next troop meeting**

New rules for new location

1) Enter the building, through the front door only, no sooner than 6:45 and exit the building, through the front door only, no later than 8:45.

2) Use only the Cafeteria, which is straight ahead once you enter and then to the left: Scouts and adults will only use the cafeteria per our request, and nearest bathroom to cafeteria if need be, but not anywhere else in the building and no wandering the hall.

3) Scouts are to be supervised by adults at all times including entering and existing the building from the front door only.

4) We are to leave the cafeteria as we found it: table to correct places, floor swept, garbage, no interfering with Care Co. items.

5) We need to do a better job of following the ideals of scouting to be good citizens, “On their Honor and to do their best…” or we will lose our privilege to meet at Hill School.

Campout Information
(Also attached is permission slip for Campout)

When: Sept 20-21, 2013
Where: Rendezvous Camporee

See below attachments for detail.

2013-Rendez-Vous-Program Information 2013-Sept-PERMISSION SLIP

First Troop Meeting of the school year for Troop 1705

First Troop Meeting of the school year for Troop 1705

LOCATION: JAY CEE PARK, TROY, MI (North side of Long Lake Road between John R and Rochester Road):

Pavilion at the back of the park ***Same location as the Troop Picnic and Court of Honor from last June***

Tuesday, September 10

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm (please arrive a few minutes early for pre-meeting activity)

Meeting will end 8:30 pm (note 15 longer than last year)

Lots to Do:
-Senior Patrol Leader Election
-Forming of patrols
-Patrol elections
-Planning troop outings and themes for this year scouting year.

See you there.

Mr. G

Troop SPL candidates needed

So far I have not had any scout call me to inquire about being a candidate for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) for the troop.

Parents please talk to your scouts and let them know we need SPL candidates

We cannot run a boy-lead troop without an SPL.

The election for Senior Patrol Leader WILL BE HELD ON — Tuesday, SEPT.10 at the troop meeting at JayCee Park.

The following qualifications MUST be met for anyone running for the Senior Patrol Leader’s office:

  • Star or better in rank (if you are 1st Class, waiting for your BOR, you are eligible)
  • Maintain “better than average” attendance at all troop functions
  • Has read the Junior Leader Handbook and is prepared to accept all the duties and responsibilities of the office
  • Maintain a “C” or better average in school
  • Have the permission of the Scoutmaster
  • MUST attend a Troop JLT training session on Sept 28th.

All candidates for the job of Senior Patrol Leader are to contact Mr. Gustafson ASAP.

BE PREPARED to personally meet with Mr. G for about 1 hour, to discuss with him your views, goals, choice of ASPL’s and expectations of the troop this year.

BE PREPARED to discuss how you will perform your duties and responsibilities as outlined in the Junior Leader Handbook.

Also, each candidate must be prepared at the Sept. 10th meeting to say to the Scouts in the troop WHY he feels qualified to be elected to the highest position of responsibility in the troop.

This speech is not to be more than 2 minutes in length. Yes, this is YOUR campaign speech to the Troop.

If you have any questions, give Mr. G a call